ShapeShift Will Cease To Exist As A Company. He’ll be reborn another way.

In 2014, Eric Voorhees founded Shapeshift. By the end of 2021, ShapeShift will end as a company. It will be DAO, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. The owners of the FOX token will fully manage it and ” open the source code for the entire code and shape-shifting infrastructure.”This also comes from the company’s official statement:

It was clear to us that decentralization was the only way to provide unlimited and unchangeable funding. Therefore, ShapeShift’s decentralization is how we decide to stick to the principles first established by satoshi and bitcoin’s technical document.

In Voorhis’s own exchange blog, The CEO promises that”our corporate organizations will be fully resolved by the end of the process.” Voorhis also details all the red tape they face in trying to formulate Shapeshift’s vision, noting that currently” frictionless trading of digital assets across chains is not carried out in a way that respects and protects users.”

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In a phone interview with Coindesk, the CEO gave them a candid response, explaining the situation clearly:

“It’s absolutely radical. A year ago I thought it was a bit creative, but at this point I saw how this vehicle was built and I saw that these communities were built around an icon rather than a capital structure. The fact that ShapeShift actually shut down its corporate organization sets it apart.”

Really, it is. ShapeShift travels in uncharted waters. 

Okay, but how does werewolf TAO work?

Shapeshift will drop 340 million Fox tokens across the Defi space in the coming months. “The biggest airstrike in history.”Anyone who has used ShapeShift in the past is right. And users of other famous Defi projects are also getting their share. Company hopes process

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