Serious Jokes: Coin Memes Are Now Worth $ 33 Billion, With Dogecoin Leading The Pack

Coin memes such as Dogecoin have gained popularity over the past year. Bets on internet pranks are now as common as sports betting. Every day that passes, more and more token memes flood the market. Most intended to pull the rug, which would see the coin break and burn. Never to be seen or heard from again.

But some of these coin memes have survived. Coins such as Dogecoin continue to support despite the massive price collapse seen on the coin. The owners are still optimistic about the coin and refuse to sell their coins. And now this whole part of the crypto industry, which started out as a joke, is now as serious as any other project. The coin memes are currently worth $ 33 billion.

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It is interesting to note that most of this growth has come over the course of a year. With some coins, growth is 2,500 per cent mocha a day. This means crypto jokes are no longer just jokes. Jokes are now costing money in crypto space.

Growth Of Dogecoin And Coin Nozzles
Dogecoin is the definition of mememunt. The coin began as a joke of two developer friends and they didn’t expect it to go anywhere. The Doge was another background currency that no one paid attention to. These were memes and jokes in the community. The icon for Dogecoin is a real dog. But that doesn’t scare ardent supporters like Elon musk.

Musk has always been very vocal about his love and support. He has tweeted about the project countless times. But only in the current bull market have Mask tweets started to affect the price of the coin. Every time Musk tweeted about the Doge, the price went up.

Cryptocurrency’s total market capitalization exceeds $ 33 t as meme coins receive $ 1 billion from it / source: cryptocurrency’s total market capitalization
By March 2021, Dogecoin had already grown by 21,000 percent. As prices rose, more people showed interest and more investors bought stocks.

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