Self-proclaimed bitcoin inventor Jörg Molt arrested on pension cryptocurrency fraud charges

In 2019, a man with hair resembling Fabio’s faced the cryptocurrency scene with dubious claims when he told many that he helped create bitcoin. A bitcoin inventor named Jörg Molt not only proposed the “Satoshi school,” but also reportedly committed several scams on the side. The Bild publication reported that the 48-year-old man was arrested by Bavarian police at Frankfurt Airport on fraud charges.

Self-proclaimed bitcoin inventor Jörg Molt arrested in Frankfurt
Jörg Molt once said he helped invent Bitcoin and was also a good friend of Andreas Antonopoulos after giving a tumultuous speech at the 2019 WCC Vegas Blockchain Week conference. Molt reportedly skipped the conference in Las Vegas, saying he was the co-author of Bitcoin. After the story went viral, Antonopoulos denied the allegations and stressed that he never knew Rui.

“Apparently, a German guy named Jorg Molt is showing me a selfie and telling people we’re friends is a lie,” Antonopoulos later tweeted. “I don’t know him, I’ve heard from others that he claims to be the founder of bitcoin and that he owns thousands of BTC, which is a lie.”

Jörg Molt is known professionally in Germany as Dj Sun Love.
The regional edition of the Bild reports that molt was recently arrested at Frankfurt Airport as he was about to board a plane. Law enforcement officials believe molt was behind some of the scams, including one involving a 54-year-old woman who was allegedly his friend. Bavarian police also searched molt’s home and found evidence in connection with the investigation.

German “Dj Sun Love” sets up bitcoin pension fund, closing store in 2020
Molt is accused of defrauding 50 people out of $ 2.14 million in a scheme dubbed the Bitcoin Guest House project. Molt, who is also a famous DJ in Germany, told investors that the funds he received would go to BTC miners in Sweden. 40% of resources

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