Selected Excerpts And Seven Lessons From The Mini-Documentary “Hard Money””

The documentary, directed by Richard James, is about the recent history of inflation,” hard money,” based solely on Bitcoins, using footage and anonymous narrators to create the film. One describes the money supply correction as “the greatest scam in human history.” Another compares the Fed to The Wizard of Oz. Voices are known. You’ve heard these clips before. As the credits roll, you realize that storytellers are the cream of bitcoin thinkers.

The Hard Money documentary can be thought of as an abridged version of the first few chapters of Saifedine Ammus’s “Bitcoin Standard.” It’s the first book we read at the Bitcoinist book club. In the documentary, Keynes celebrates the supposed collapse of the gold standard, saying that the public “should not let anyone put them back in a gilded cage.””Rather, you can read Ludwig von Mises’ quote:” the gold standard has not collapsed. Governments canceled it to pave the way for inflation.”

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Check out the “solid money documentary” and you’ll be able to answer these questions: Why was gold chosen as the main form of solid currency? What were gold’s” serious disadvantages”? What is inflation and how does the Government hide it? How the decoupling of the relationship between the dollar and gold has decayed the relationship between the market and reality. What are the low and high time preferences?  What is partial booking banking? Why are lending institutions printing new money? 

Seven Things We Learned From The Mini-Documentary ” Solid Money”

In 1913, the Federal Reserve introduced the Federal dollar. Note: “it is not a dollar defined by the Constitution. This is a note from the Federal Reserve.”
In 1971, Nixon temporarily suspended the conversion of dollars into gold, ” he said.”A new era began that day. The era of Fiat currencies.

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