Seetee Invests In Bitcoin Lightning Bedrijf Breeze

Norway-based bitcoin Investment Company Seetee was the latest investor in bitcoin and lightning breeze.
Bitcoin payment company Breeze has announced that it is the new investor in Seetee, a subsidiary of Norwegian Investment Group Aker specializing in bitcoin.
“Seetee’s investments show that they believe breeze will help bitcoin achieve its goal of becoming a currency and do so in accordance with the principles of openness, bitcoin, decentralization and autonomy,” said Roy Scheinfeld, breeze’s co-founder and CEO.
Breeze focuses on building the network’s payment infrastructure using lightning’s second-tier network. In addition to lightning, breeze enables October to work seamlessly and quickly with bitcoin, helping users take advantage of bitcoin’s unique value offering – the ultimate, unstoppable, uncensored money.
Lightning Network is a decentralized scaling solution for bitcoin that decodes small transactions between users from the bitcoin blockchain. It uses smart contracts to calculate the final balance of these payments at bitcoin’s “baseline level,” while ensuring that all transactions comply with bitcoin protocol rules.
Due to the lack of transaction fees or waiting times typically required for bitcoin transactions in the Chain, Lightning allows its users to benefit from affordable, fast and custom payments.
So the second-level network has weathered widespread criticism that bitcoin cannot scale to a good exchange tool – a key feature of money. The people of El Salvador, for example, are already experiencing the power of lightning.
And as lightning grows, bitcoin is decidedly approaching global, peer-to-peer, reliable, instant payment. Seetee sees this potential and has become a more active member of the community, noticing the power of bitcoin earlier this year. Breeze is the first software company to join Seetee’s portfolio.
“The Breeze team knows…creating free open source software

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