Saudi Aramco denies bitcoin mining claims, calling them “false and inaccurate” “

Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia’s multi-billion dollar oil company, bitcoin (BTC), mining, has debunked rumours about rumours in the country. News of the world’s biggest oil producers, drawn by the crypto atmosphere, began to rise rapidly over the weekend. Saudi Aramco is among the top three major oil-producing giants whose names have been deconstructed with Kryptonians. But one of the Fortune Global 500’s most profitable companies has discredited the headlines as” fake ” news.

Saudi Aramco told local news today: “based on recent reports that the company will begin mining bitcoin, Aramco has confirmed that these claims are completely false and inaccurate.”

Methane gas could feed mineral deposits
The Trustnodes report says oil-producing companies could use the gas byproduct to provide energy for bitcoin mining, as a sustainable choice. Diverting the byproduct to crypto mining would reduce the methane production rate from burning the gas. This, in turn, will lead to an overall reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Saudi Aramco, ExxonMobil and Gazprom, the three largest gas producers, are reportedly pursuing the BTC mining method to prevent increased air pollution and make more profits by using the spent methane byproduct.

Saudi Aramco also has a large methane surplus with extensive oil production. That surplus could power half of the community of bitcoin miners today. But the company has made it clear that it has no intention of providing energy to the cryptosphere at this time.

“We are in talks with Aramco. All black liquid [oil] from the desert belongs to this company. All the burnt gas they don’t use, and this publicly available information, I can tell you, is enough to just “include” half of this company’s bitcoin network today. Raymond Nasser, Chairman of Mining Company Wise & Trust, told Trustnodes.

Gazprom to join cryptocomma

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