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US fast food restaurant chain Quiznos has announced it will allow its customers to pay for meals with bitcoins, thanks to a new partnership with digital asset Sunday Bakkt Holdings.

Quiznos will take advantage of the bakkt digital wallet service, called the bakkt app, and will deploy its new Cryptocurrency payment method to some Denver locations, including a local airport, in mid-August, according to a press release released today.

“Working with innovative platforms like bakkt is attractive to us for a variety of reasons, mainly because it allows us to get bitcoin instantly, at the point of sale as part of a fast and hassle-free transaction,” said Mark Lohmann, president of Rego Restaurant Group, Quiznos ‘ parent company.

According to the release, customers who download the bakkt app, buy some bitcoin and use it to buy food on Quiznos will receive $ 15 worth of BTC as a reward. However, the companies did not specify whether existing app users were also eligible for awards.

While initial deployment is limited to the Denver area, companies could potentially expand their new crypto payment service to other parts of the U.S.

“We are looking closely at how this pilot project works, there is potential to expand the partnership to October locations across the country,” added Sheela Zemlin, Bakkt’s director of revenue.

Bakkt launches mobile app to store and spend bitcoins

In particular, the crypto company also launched its consumer app not so long ago. On March 30, the company released a Bakkt app for both iOS and Android that allows users to store, buy and sell bitcoins.

“The average consumer has many digital assets, from gift cards to loyalty points to bitcoins, but lacks the tools to adequately monitor and use their value. We are excited to introduce the Bakkt app to the public as a step towards giving everyone greater access to digital assets,” said Gavin Michael, Bakkt CEO.


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