Saltair mining for solar power generation in collaboration with OPTEC

Bitcoin mining company Julteir has announced a partnership with OPTEC to launch its mining in Pennsylvania with clean solar power.
Bitcoin mining company Solteir has announced a new renewable energy mining partnership with optec International. The partnership will use OPTEC solar panel generators for Bitcoin mining at the saltair mining facility in Bradford County, Pennsylvania.
“We are excited to announce our pilot solar partnership with optec International,” said Jesse Fastenberg, co-founder of solteir. “at the annual mining outage conference in Miami this year, there was a lot of talk about mining, with cleaner renewable energy sources and our responsibility to improve the community.Julius” said. We expect a long-term and successful partnership with OPTEC for solar-powered bitcoin mining.”;
The new activities are expected to begin in the autumn of 2021. After the initial move, Solteir and OPTEC plan to move to one of OPTEC’s own businesses, where the company wants to scale back operations.
Solteir is a data center provider focused specifically on bitcoin mining. The company offers a complete life cycle of ASIC drilling rigs along with a Managed Hosting Solution for miners.
OPTEC is a California-based developer and manufacturer of Electronics, LED, Solar, autonomous, LED lighting and power consumption equipment.
Bitcoin’s energy consumption has recently become a hot topic, as is a common misconception that it is harmful to the planet. As a result, a wave of such “Yesil” partnerships has been encouraged in recent months.
But how bitcoin can contribute to the environment and the planet as a whole goes far beyond Yesil mining. In April, in a white paper, Square described the opportunity bitcoin offers to facilitate the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable electricity grid by acting as a complementary technology for energy generation and storage.Julio.

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