S & P Dow Jones Launches Five New Crypto Indices

S & P data provider Dow Jones Indices added five new indices to existing cryptorynka metric records in a single press release.

The main event is the broad digital cryptocurrency market index S & amp; p—a way to monitor the overall status of kriptorynka, based on indicators of more than 240 different coins.

A subset of four of a series of mostly unproblematic accommodation, a digital directory, a single market, the index is large, capital-intensive криптовалюты with “big” letters and index Ex-large digital megacap except Sunday and contains all of the data directories only эфириума биткоина;capitalization index Ex – MegaCap monitors, and a series of Биткоина Эфириума without data caps; and a series of close to the old caps caps.

S & P Dow Jones launches bitcoin and Ethereum indices
The S &P Dow Jones Indices are responsible for two key market statistics relating to the S & P 500 index and the Dow Jones Industrial Average (usually the “Dow”). At the end of last year, the company announced its participation in crypto in partnership with blockchain data company Lukka, and has since launched bitcoin, Ethereum and their aggregate performance indices.

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