S & P Dow Jones Lanceert Crypto Brede Digitale Markt Index

The S & P Dow Jones Index announced the addition of five new crypto indices this week, including one that tracks more than 240 currencies. The indices are in line with financials of great importance in traditional Sundays, such as the S & P 500 index and the Dow Jones Industrial average.

Dead end trap
The focus of five new indices is the S & P cryptocurrency broad Sunday Digital Index (BDM). This index will attempt to provide a broad overview of kriptorynka and will initially contain 240 tokens. There are currently about 100 cryptocurrencies with a market capitalization of more than $ 275 million. However, S & P Dow Jones has not disclosed whether the market cap will at least dictate the selection criteria for the BDM Index.

The S & P Dow Jones index first expressed its intention to track cryptocurrency prices in December 2020, and the bitcoin and Ethereum price-tracking indices debuted just a few months ago.

The other four indices are BDM derivatives, which include::

Cryptocurrency capital letter Index: a subset of BDM covering selected coins with the largest market.
Bdm EX-MegaCap cryptocurrency Index: a subset of BDM excluding BITCOIN and ethereum.
Bdm Ex-LargeCap cryptocurrency Index: a subset of BDM that excludes the above-mentioned crypto-capitalization index.
Ex-MegaCap large cap BDM cryptocurrency Index: a subset of BDM that includes the aforementioned large cap index and excludes the previously established MegaCap index.

The indices join early digital asset indicators already established by S&P Dow Jones, including the S&P bitcoin index, the S&P Ethereum index and the S&P cryptocurrency megacap index.

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What, how and why
Indices will attract price data from well-known cryptocurrency partner Lukka, a provider of encryption software and enterprise-level data. Rising indices around cryptocurrency clearly reflect

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