S & P Dow Jones Lanceert 5 New York Kripto Göstergeleri

The world’s leading index provider, S & P Dow Jones Indices, announced the launch of five new cryptocurrency indices on Tuesday. The company currently has a total of eight cryptocurrency indices.

The announcement noted that the first newly added index was the “S&P broad digital cryptocurrency market index (BDM)”, which “provides a broad overview of the performance of the cryptocurrency market and contains more than 240 tokens when released.”
The other four new crypto indices are subsets of BDM. The first of the four is the” S & P cryptocurrency capitalization index, “which measures the performance of components with the largest market cap.
The second subset is the “BDM Cryptocurrency S&P EX-Megacap Index”, which excludes components of the S & P cryptocurrency Megacap index.
Another index was launched-the” Bdm Ex-Largecap Cryptocurrency Index”, which excludes S & P cryptocurrency capitalization index components.
The fifth launched index is the “S&P Ex-Megacap cryptocurrency big capital Index”, which measures the performance of the S & P cryptocurrency big capital index components, excluding the S & P Cryptocurrency Megacap index components.

Sunday May the new indexes match the three existing “S & P digital market indices” that were released in May. This is the” Bitcoin S&P index”, the”Ethereum S & P index “and the” Megakapa Cryptocurrency S & P index ” mentioned above.
Peter Roffman, head of global innovation and strategy at S & P Dow Jones Indices, said: “expanding our family of market indices into one of the broadest pulls of this rapidly growing asset class, with the ability to break it apart by market capitalisation. We are pleased to bring this significant level of October transparency to the cryptocurrency market.”

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