Russian Media Outlet seeks crypto donations after being tagged by Kremlin as 'foreign agent'

Russian officials recently described one of the country's leading independent media as a "foreign agent". One of these maneuvers led Meduza to launch a fiat and cryptocurrency collector to get rid of the fallout from tagging. Fund accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance Coin donations According to an editorial published by the media company, the Russian Ministry of Justice added Meduza to its list of "foreign agents" on April 23rd. . But the Meduza team claims that the Kremlin sees them as "enemies of the state" with such a label. This will complicate journalistic routines such as obtaining information or reporting information. Subsequently, advertisers cut their business relationship with the vehicle, disrupting a financial flow that continues to live up to the point of sale, and they expect more losses of our "significant number of advertisers in the coming weeks". Meduza's editor-in-chief, Ivan Kolpakov, announced the launch of a fundraising event to accept donations through credit card payments, Paypal or digital currencies such as bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH) and binance coin (BNB). Under the "foreign agents" law adopted in 2012, Russia requires that non-governmental organizations receiving "foreign aid" and "engaging in political activities" be registered with such a label and controlled by them. Meduza was among the top 10 most cited Russian-speaking internet resources in 2020. Can journalists be paid in cryptocurrency to circumvent future sanctions? But could there be more dangerous implications for the media? channel financing. As a matter of fact, the editorial statement pointed to the following regarding the fees to be paid to journalists after Meduz was designated as a "foreign agent".

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