Rond Line Block # 15 : crypto banks, South NFT explosion, en EIP-1559

It sheds light on the main trends in cryptography around the block. In this edition, Justin March and Connor Dempsey cover the latest NFT explosion and ETHEREUM EIP-1559 update.
Crypto banks & Veblen’s newest NFT booma commodity is a kind of luxury product where demand increases as prices rise, which is clearly contrary to the law of demand. Rolex watches, diamonds, yachts, bitcoins and the odd pixel characters you can now find on your Twitter.
In 2017, Larva Labs created software that can randomly generate 10,000 unique cryptic-inspired characters, some of which have rarer qualities than others. When Larval Labs was satisfied with the results, they connected these characters to the ethereum smart contract, at which point these 10,000 characters became unique, immutable assets that could be bought and sold on Ethereum. This would ultimately pave the way to the widely recognized ERC-721 standard, which is now the basis of the rapidly developing NFT Sunday.
Although there was a small initial fan base in 2017, cryptocurrencies eventually gained some steam in the Ethereum community and began to sell for thousands of dollars each. Fast forward to April 2021 and the average crypto bank has sold for more than $ 30,000 due to its “original ETHEREUM NFT” status. In June, a very rare “alien Tramp” sold for a record $ 11.75 million!
Sunday June despite record sales, the NFT market cooled slightly due to the overall market correction. That all changed in late July, when a surge in large purchases angered the market.
The craze began when entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk spent $ 3.7 million on one of 24 rare monkey cryptopanks-this time with a unique orange beret. Soon after, another rare cryptocurrency monkey sold for $ 5.5 million.
As punks began to move in a rarer way, one dived in and bought all punks with a single shot at the lowest cost. This was achieved through the use of FL

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