Rolt constellation network Starship wallet v2.1 – uit version meets Ethereum-ondersteuning

Stargazer wallet, a wallet with a functional extension for the cross-chain browser, has released a new update that adds support to the ethereum blockchain and related ETH tokens.

Announced by Constellation Network in partnership with the Stardust collective, Stargazer v2.1 is a step forward to make it a wallet compatible with multiple cryptocurrencies. This also allows for a higher level of interaction between ETH projects and the constellation network platform Dec.

Previous versions of the Stargazer wallet, which involved about 20 thousand users, were limited to storing and processing its own Constellation network token called $day. However, the latest update expands the interoperability of the wallet, including $ ETH and the erc-20 technical standard, which is at the heart of all Ethereum-based smart contracts.

Stargazer users can now transfer two linked constellation tokens, the $day and Lattice exchange token ($LTX) in October in addition to $ETH in one location. The latest version also includes the ability to add favorite addresses as contacts and import existing ethereum wallets using a private key or json file.

The move was approved by community members, opening the doors for further integration in the future. The company has October plans to further increase the benefit of the wallet, including numerous tokens and blockchain interactions.

The Stargazer wallet was created by members of the “Constellation Network” community working for a decentralized, open-source organization called the Stardust Collective. The group has employees from around the world and focuses on producing complementary applications and tools built on the constellation hypergraph network.

The Constellation network is an advocate of Cross-Chain Compliance, which the big data company from San Francisco says has helped drive interest in what it offers. However, the addition of ethereum blockchain is not an end in itself, as the company wants to create an ecosystem that already exists

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