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📺 ROLLUP: 3rd Week of AprilApril 16th, 2021
MarketBTC Price: Touched $65k
ETH Price: $2500!
ETH Chart Take
Flippen PayPal
TVL in DeFi: $57B
Compound TVL
$DPI: $500
DPI/ETH Daily Chart
$COIN: Volatile, but above $250 Reference Price
ReleasesMaker / Aave Proposal
Gas Fees Down? Flashbots.
Binance Tokenized Stonks
Raid Guild Smart Invoice
NewsCoinbase Listing
Coinbase Gives Shares to Employees
Ethereum Berlin
JPM & Mastercard invest in Consensys
Gitcoin Raise
dYdX L2 Volume
MakerDAO Real World Assets
Epic Games Raises $1B for NFTs
Immutable Integrations
Gary Gensler Confirmed
Hester Peirce Safe Harbor Update
HSBC Bans Crypto
Takescyrus.ismoney.eth 🦇🔊 @cyounessi1WSB is *finally* allowing crypto discussion on its subreddit. I have legit been waiting for this moment for years. This makes me so hugely bullish you have no idea. r/wallstreetbets – On Crypto.12,686 votes and 3,232 comments so far on Redditreddit.comApril 15th 2021
15 Retweets119 LikesRYAN SΞAN ADAMS – rsa.eth 🏴 @RyanSAdamsPeople who say Ethereum is hard to use.
Have you ever used a state gov website to setup an LLC or pay withholdings taxes?
I can register an Ethereum DAO in a few simple transactions.
But gov registry websites look like they haven’t been updated since 2001…barely usable.April 12th 2021
34 Retweets373 LikesHayden Adams 🦄 @haydenzadams🏦 NYSE: 2800 trading pairs in 228 years
🦄 Uniswap v2:
36000 trading pairs in 1 year
but hey they made some NFTs 🚀 NYSE 🏛 @NYSE
1/6: It’s a major milestone when a company lists on the NYSE and begins trading for the first time. Today, we’re celebrating that moment by launching NYSE First Trade NFTs. https://t.co/jyZjzESP7P
Why are we doing this? 🧵👇April 12th 2021
204 Retweets1,397 LikesRYAN SΞAN ADAMS – rsa.eth 🏴 @RyanSAdamsTHEREUM 🚀 h/t @philngo_ April 15th 2021
104 Retweets1,450 LikesRYAN SΞAN ADAMS – rsa.eth 🏴 @RyanSAdamsHow much longer will this bull market last?April 15th 2021
20 Retweets54 LikesJimmy Ragosa @JimmyRagosa"All of this has happened before and all of this will happen again."
Make your peace (or even invest) with the fact that #Ethereum Killers will pump in the part of the cycle where apps outspeed infrastructure.
As long as infra progress is made on $ETH, you know the future. April 12th 2021
40 Retweets156 LikesBankless 🏴 @BanklessHQOn a thread about ETH / BTC maximalism in the @EthfinanceR subreddit, @VitalikButerin shared a reminder about values and vision.
reddit.com/r/ethfinance/c… April 12th 2021
74 Retweets504 LikesMEME OF THE WEEKBankless 🏴 @BanklessHQGains in real life matter, too. April 11th 2021
20 Retweets282 Likes🙏Sponsor: DHARMA | From Dollars to DeFi in a Tap!
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