Robinhood’s IPO, IRS’s new crypto assurance, effects of stable coins?

Trailblazer delves into today’s key events, including Robinhood’s debut on Nasdaq, new crypto requirements added to the Infrastructure Act, and the ongoing debate about stable coins: are these securities? Guests include Tom Pageler of Prime Trust, rich Rosenblum of GSR markets and Carlos Domingo of securitize.Dec.

Trailblazer, CoinDesk TV’s flagship program, provides investors with the best global Sunday, Business and regulatory news that affects digital assets. “In Первопроходце” was organized by CoinDesk, Kristin Lee, Emily Parker and Lawrence Левитинн offered daily posts CoinDesk worldwide correspondents and partners as well as top-level guests, including leading news, influential people, analysts, investors and observers криптобиржах trends.

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