Robinhood shares fell 9% immediately before rebounding for the first time at $ 38

Online real estate company Robinhood launched its stock early on Thursday, but its share price fell 9% over the next 15 minutes.

The starting price was $ 38, matching Robinhood’s $ 32 billion valuation, and thanks to a quick recovery over the next 15 minutes, Hood is now around $ 36.

Today’s start is the culmination of a long and difficult journey to Robinhood, which has become the best trading practice for young investors in recent years. June decked out in popularity among crypto traders as an alternative to Coinbase, and played a key role in the emergence of Dogecoin earlier this year (Coinbase did not include Dogecoin on the list until June).

The company also faces frequent service disruptions and control over a controversial business model known as payment for order flow.

Late last month, FINRA fined Robinhood $ 70 million for a series of outages and communications accidents that resulted in “widespread and significant damage suffered by customers.”;

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