RNS Solutions & Trustedchain Develops Blockchain FinLit Platform for Islamic Development Bank

PRESS RELEASE. Pakistan: RNS Solutions Pte Ltd., the leading blockchain software development company in Pakistan, Korea and Singapore, announced this week a fantastic partnership with ICD-Islamic Development Bank Group, a multilateral development bank that supports social and economic development in member countries. and Trustedchain software development and consulting firm in Saudi Arabia. As part of the collaboration, the consortium (RNS Solutions & Trustedchain) will develop a blockchain technology-based crowdfunding lab and a blockchain and artificial intelligence-based financial literacy platform (FinLit). The platform will also include an interactive financial learning management system and AI financial chatbot support systems. FinLit will break down the complex financial and investment terms, services and products within the platform to provide financial education and information to the younger generation who are often unprepared for the financial demands of the modern world. President of RNS Solutions, Dr. “Our youth often drop out of school in the real world not knowing how to use their current income for sustainable and generational wealth,” says Shakil Mohammed. “FinLit will offer modules ranging from financial learning to project exhibition through hackathons, webinars and monitoring. Each project has tokenized equity for startups, enabling investors to make safe and profitable decisions regarding project finance. As part of the platform, users can engage in contextual and non-contextual discussions using the built-in AI-based chatbot. Through Natural Language Processing (NLP), the chatbot can provide context, answers and information so that the user can find the most informed response. Machine learning technology ensures that accurate financial definitions and answers are provided for every question. By providing such information and support to young people,

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