Rising % 60 Since Last Month, Back To Ziyn Bitcoin Her Zaman Yüksek Mi?

The price of bitcoin continues to rise as bull run conditions mature.
The last week in bitcoin is a series that discusses the events of the last week in the bitcoin industry, highlighting all the major news and analysis.
A few months ago, the week’s results showed bitcoin hovering below $ 30,000, with many expecting more zeros. May Sunday, if you had bought the drop, more than 60% above $ 50,000 bitcoin, you would have been trading at levels last seen in mid-May. Given bitcoin’s growth of more than 60% over the past month, can we expect it to hit a recent all-time high of just over $ 64,000?
Perhaps it’s no surprise that last week was full of bullish news, as more institutional investors ,banks paving the way for the introduction of bitcoin, and legendary investors are jumping on the bitcoin bandwagon (or confirming they’re always ready for the ride). Let’s look at last week in bitcoin.
This Week’s Bitcoin Program

To avoid bullish news on financial services, global retail giant Walmart on Monday announced a” product leader in digital currency and cryptocurrencies.” Walmart, which has followed in the footsteps of other retail giants such as Amazon, appears poised to explore the possibility of adopting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In any context of the company’s size, Walmart reported nearly $ 560 billion in revenue during a global outbreak last fiscal year. The scale at which they work could lead to a dramatic increase in the bitcoin network if they decide to allow bitcoin payments.
Also on Monday, Jehudi Castro Sierre, an adviser to Colombia’s president, called bitcoin “the most brilliant software ever,” suggesting that many might have made the South American nation want to use bitcoin as legal tender.it’s an investment, like in el Salvador. Neither the impact nor the rumours have been disclosed, but markets like to speculate.
On Tuesday, t news

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