Ripple vs. SEC: Brad Garlinghouse’s lawyer petitions to get Binance documents

Recent developments in the XRP case led defendant Bradley Garlinghouse to send a letter to Binance Holdings Limited seeking documents from Cayman Islands authorities that were “relevant to the case and otherwise inaccessible.”

Hague Convention
The application was filed under the Hague Convention of 18 March 1970 to collect evidence abroad in civil and commercial matters. The plaintiff uses The Hague Convention to collect foreign documents “containing unique documents and information” relating to XRP transactions on foreign platforms for digital asset trading, which the SEC uses to file a lawsuit against Garlinghouse.

5 Of The SEC Securities Act. section may be invalid
Ripple Lawyers, Section 5 of the Securities Act of 1933they petitioned the SEC to take their claims under the Department. The Sec said Garlinghouse broke the law in question by selling 357 million XRP units to” worldwide “investors on”global”digital asset trading platforms such as Binance. However, 5 of the Securities Act of 1933.its section applies only to internal sales and placement of securities that contradict the SEC’s worldwide infringement claims.

“As the SEC knows, XRP sales by Mr. Garlinghouse have been overwhelming on digital asset trading platforms outside the United States… The discovery that Mr. Garlinghouse wants to make relevant to the SEC to show that the disputed offers and sales did not occur in this country and were not subject to the law referred to by the SEC in this case, ” the statement said.

Request for rejection
In October, the defendants had filed previous impeachment requests for the SEC’s failure to prove an internal bid and sale of XRP in the United States. With numerous foreign offers and sales requested by the SEC itself, Ripple only needs approval to petition in support of the impeachment request.

The XRP case has become one of the biggest in history

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