Ripple Looks To The Future With Groundbreaking Public Offering After SEC Court Agreement

HodlX Guest Post Send Your Message Six months makes a difference in the world of cryptocurrencies. In December 2020, an SEC lawsuit threatened to remove Ripple from the crypto world forever. The US Securities and Exchange Commission complaint claimed that Ripple was too centralized to be considered a cryptocurrency and therefore should be recognized as an unregistered security. Fast forward to May 2021 and there is speculation that Ripple could be the first cryptocurrency to launch an IPO. So what has changed? And can Ripple come back from the brink to become a pioneer in digital finance? Speculation surrounding Ripple's IPO resurfaced during an earnings presentation in which Japanese financial giants CEO Yoshitaka Kitao and largest Ripple shareholders SBI Group claimed that Ripple executives were planning to go public after the SEC lawsuit. fully edited. For SBI Group, a Ripple IPO would be a huge boost for the company. Kitao also hoped that a listing could spark more interest in SBI Group's other investments in the future, such as those around blockchain consortium R3. However, it is important to note that for now, Ripple executives plan to achieve legal victories and increase the adoption of cross-border remittances outside of the US. Source: CoinGecko As the chart above shows, the performance of Ripple's token XRP has been erratic, to say the least, with a noticeable drop in late December following the SEC lawsuit. however, the coin began to lead a significantly more optimistic life in spring 2021, bolstered by market optimism and social media sentiment. Ripple For Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse and Chief Executive Officer Chris Larsen, “natural evolution” supports the transition of the cryptocurrency payment solutions network to the public markets. Garlinghouse directly referred to a possible Ripple IPO in this article.

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