Revolut launches Bitcoin withdrawals

Following an unsuccessful announcement, Revolut finally offered its UK customers the option to place their Bitcoins in external wallets. Premium “ Metal '' account holders can now withdraw Bitcoin from the banking app that previously only allowed customers to buy and sell crypto or keep it in the app. Revolut announced this feature in a hurriedly deleted blog post last Thursday. Now, after a major app update, customers who pay £ 12.99 ($ 18) per month can move cryptocurrencies from their Revolut accounts to their Bitcoin wallets. Sometimes things can get a little complicated while creating a masterpiece. Even da Vinci occasionally had to recover a little. Explore version 8.0, a simplified app with endless possibilities. – Revolut (@RevolutApp) April 27, 2021 Restrictions: Revolut only allows withdrawals from three addresses and up to £ 1,000 ($ 1,388) per month. You can only withdraw Bitcoin; Revolut plans to add more. The platform adds Bitcoin's significant network costs with every withdrawal. The so-called Challenger bank, headquartered in Canary Wharf in London, is one of the first major financial institutions to allow Bitcoin to withdraw to wallets outside of its line of sight. Its rivals are lagging behind. Robinhood plans to add such a feature, but has not yet added it. PayPal also does not allow withdrawals. The same goes for Ziglu, a small, crypto-focused challenger bank founded by Mark Hipperson, co-founder of main rival bank Starling. Much interest in crypto! To be clear, we plan to fully provide the ability to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies, including DOGE. Robinhood Crypto currently DOES NOT invest in cryptocurrency and no client uses cryptocurrency for our own benefit. – Robinhood (@RobinhoodApp) February 17, 2021 Instead, if you buy cryptocurrencies in these apps, you buy a PayPal or a Certificate of Debt that is part of Robinhood's crypto empire that you can't trade with real crypto. Because this inst

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