Reversible operations at Defi & # 39;; How Kirobo allows them

To make mistakes is humane and to forgive is divine. But cryptorynok is far from divine, as it is quite cruel in nature. Hundreds of people in this hall have lost their hard-earned assets due to human error and often have been unable to save them. A new study by Chainanalysis found that about 20% of bitcoin is permanently lost because people have lost their own keys.

As if that wasn’t enough, there are also cases where people lose their assets because they send them to the wrong wallet address due to human errors. The security and transparency features of Blockchain networks, while very useful, leave no room for human error. Can’t you undo the wrong actions or can you do it?

Kirobo-Defi cancel button
Until recently, there was no way to cancel the blockchain transaction. If you made a transaction to the wrong wallet address, you hope that person gets your money back. But blockchain aliases again make it very difficult to find the person behind the address. Moreover, if you enter an incorrect address by mistake or as a result of fraud, your money is likely to disappear without a chance of a refund.

Enter Kirobo, which provides a decentralized protocol that ensures you never lose your money again. At least not because of human error. Kirobo’s solution is simple: it creates a layer of protection for crypto transactions. This level ensures that your cryptograph is always delivered to the correct address. 

Kirobo has two main functions, or “buttons”, the first of which is the much-needed “Undo button”. The Cancel button causes you to create a password and share it with the recipient. Now, the recipient will be asked to enter a common password to complete the transaction. If the password is incorrect or not entered, the transaction can be cancelled and your assets refunded. Then there is a “P2P Swap button” that allows users to share emails directly

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