Research shows 37% of us crypto investors don’t waste tokens in an emergency

Digital currency prices have revived recently and investors are optimistic about future values. Gambler’s pick, conducted by a recent survey of 1000 U.S. crypto investors, 37% of respondents “crypto currencies are important even if they had to pay the required bill or they would make some money” said that”

37% will not pay cryptocurrency to make a critical payment, 51% will not pay to buy luxury or holidays
A survey by gambler’s Pick, titled” 2021 Cryptocurrency review: save or spend, ” explains how cryptocurrency owners find it difficult to part ways with their digital assets. Of the thousands of respondents surveyed, 135 belonged to baby boomers, 212 to Generation x, 442 to millennials and 206 to Generation Z. the study shows that Americans, on average, hold about $ 1707 in cryptocurrency, but if an emergency arises, a significant proportion of people don’t spend the funds.

37% said they would not pay for cryptocurrencies if they had to pay attention to a critical payment, and 51% said they did not pay for luxury goods or buy for holidays. “More than 1 in 10 said that while they stopped saving in an emergency to buy cryptocurrency, they missed out on a purchase that would actually improve their lives by the same amount,” researcher gambler’s pick’s report said. Work continues in October:

Millennials were most likely to save money for retirement or miss out on credit card payments to protect their existing crypto caches.

Skip payments, borrow and refinance house to buy cryptocurrency
38% of all respondents said they missed payment to keep their cryptocurrencies for longer. “Baby bombs have already maintained the highest average cost, although they are unlikely to take the blame for the cryptocurrency,” The Gambler’s Pick report said. About 1 in 4 participants used a credit card to purchase cryptocurrency. Participants in the study received an average of $ 2,191 to pay digitally

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