Republican campaign arm acknowledges crypto assets – attempts to 'follow all means to stop Pelosi's socialist agenda'

The Republican House campaign arm said on Thursday that it will accept cryptocurrencies using payment processor Bitpay. The National Republican Convention Committee (NRCC) is a lobbying organization that aims to support the election of Republicans to Congress by making direct financial contributions to candidates and the Republican Party. NRCC accepts crypto donations, but funds are converted and deposited in US dollars Republic bureaucrats are willing to accept donations in digital assets to boost their political elections. On June 17, the NRCC announced that it will receive financial contributions in the form of cryptocurrencies, but that the money will be immediately converted to US dollars before the money enters NRCC's treasury. While Bitpay will streamline the process, according to the announcement, and the group will not officially receive the crypto assets to hold, the NRCC believes it will make the payment process more seamless. Tom Emmer (R-Minn.), a representative who has spoken about the crypto economy several times in the past, explains that the move will help Republicans stop the agenda of Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi. “We are focused on pursuing every path possible to further our mission of stopping Nancy Pelosi's socialist agenda and reclaiming a majority in the House, and this innovative technology will provide Republicans with the tools we need to succeed,” NRCC chairman Emmer said during crypto. Adoption. Announcement. The NRCC will be the first party committee to accept crypto donations through Bitpay, but there are plenty of Republican and Democratic bureaucrats accepting digital assets for campaign donations. The NRCC was formed in 1866 when Republicans wanted to increase the party's visibility in federal elections. The organization funds not only Republican campaigns, but also voter registration, education and participation programs, and technical and research assistance. According to the Federal Election Corporation

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