Real estate caught in crypto craze when people buy houses with Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies permeate our daily lives with an increasing trend for brokers to buy and sell homes using Bitcoin. Recently, there has been an upward trend in selling homes with cryptocurrencies, while Bitcoin has become the crypto of choice to buy. Buying a home with Bitcoin requires a broker familiar with Bitcoin and a crypto real estate lawyer. Buying a home with Bitcoin is not entirely transparent as demand currently outstrips the cryptocurrency supply and makes it difficult for people to join cryptocurrencies. With the start of the new decade, the popularity of cryptocurrencies that once fell within the limits of financial transactions has increased. Today, this is another story as cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity among businesses and individuals interested in these digital assets. The cryptocurrency market has increased its market value for the entire industry to $ 1.90 trillion. The latest craze with cryptocurrencies is buying and selling homes. The practice of buying homes with Bitcoin is booming, with several top brokers listing expensive homes for sale with Bitcoin. Bitcoin Mania infiltrates real estate Reports show a growing trend among real estate agents between cryptocurrencies and home buyers. The preferred cryptocurrency appears to be Bitcoin, with its millions of users attracting a large number of fans to become the world's most popular cryptocurrency. CNBC's Diana Olek reported that the concept of buying a home with Bitcoin was almost unheard of about three years ago, but selling houses with Bitcoin was almost impossible. However, the wave seems to have changed in response to Bitcoin's growing popularity. "More and more people are wondering how they can use Bitcoin as a currency to buy real estate," said Tony Giordano, president of Opulent Agency. Accordin Read more

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