Ready to launch-QuickSwap launches limit orders; attracts new users

Do you hear the Dragon Roar? QuickSwap-the greatest dex Polygon-a monster under construction. Last year, QuickSwap announced the creation of multiple exchange offerings for its own utility token, $QUICK (using Binance and Coinbase Pro, a successful IDO – PolyStarter with community start-up, management, voice and partner). That doesn’t even mention quick’s historic price rise from a month-low of $ 219.80 on July 19 to more than $ 760 at the time of writing. And if the good news is what drove Quickswap’s adoption, DEX could soon experience growth that would overshadow earlier stages of expansion.

Earlier today, QuickSwap released its latest feature: limit orders. Thanks to Gelato, limit orders are a feature most requested by the growing base of DeX users. Now users are one step closer to Quickswap, the most reliable Dex Polygon, to get the same robust experience they’re used to from centralized shopping.

Limit orders: what are they and why do they need people?
Limit orders allow traders to set specific target prices for their purchases and sales. This feature allows traders to better control the prices they buy and sell. Later, the addition of this feature appears to attract (and increase volume) new traders to the QuickSwap platform.

Quickswap with Twitter was popular earlier this year.Edwards expressed reluctance to use the interface of DEX, which resulted in the loss of the ability to set the missing stop, a level that exceeded a lot of risk and reward can be considered. And Lisa’s not alone. Many traders will not use a platform that does not offer limit orders. Fortunately, ice cream makes using QuickSwap!

It’s a new day it’s a new day!
With Limit orders, an implemented IDO launch panel and large, centralized exchange offerings that make quick purchases easier than ever, QuickSwap could experience growth that resembles a drop in the early stages of expansion.

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