Project leader Litecoin Foundation pleit voor het netwerkeffect van LTC

The Old Faithful Lightcoin will be 10 years old on October 7. After a decade of active activity, it is still gaining momentum. The goal of LTC, a faster and easier Bitcoin fork, has always been to move silver under BTC. And in this crazy year of high fees, Lightcoin would prove its value. For many, it has become a preferred means of sending money without paying an exorbitant commission.

Our sister site, Bitcoinist, sniffed and informed this development:

Data collected: @ MASTERBTCLTC shows that the number of transactions with lightcoins is slightly less than 75% of the number of transactions with bitcoins.

“Transactions in lightcoins account for 75% of the total trading volume in bitcoins.

Transactions with lightcoins when are transactions with bitcoins reversed?

I’m guessing somewhere in 2021.

168 thousand LTC transactions against 227 thousand BTC.”

More importantly, @ MASTERBTCLTC suggests that this is the beginning of an upward trend that has led to a shift in the number of transactions this year.

We weren’t going to go that far, but it’s certainly an interesting development that deserves further investigation. Fortunately for us, David Schwartz of the Litecoin Foundation dismissed arguments for” Network influence + ever-growing status over the past 10 years.”

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Litecoin transactions cheaper and faster 
This design. Cheaper and faster transactions are the reason Lightcoin was created. The question presented here, however, is that LTC “changed from the usual method to translate BTC into one of the more” regular “/ payments during the peak cycle. “and process usage. Buying seems to be changing.

Looking at TRx volume, you start to see how the average value of TRX changes from the normal way of translating #BTC to the more “regular” /payment use of TRX during the peak cycle of #LTC.

$ 28 billion moved


– David Schwartz (aka Dash) (@DaddyCool1991), July 5, 2021

Litecoin project has ten years of brand fame, demonstrates sustainability

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