Profiterer groot Van BİTCOİN DCA

After counting the numbers, it turns out that, like the day, the average dollar value in bitcoin is a very profitable strategy over time!
The dollar value average (DCA) is defined as buying at certain December intervals, regardless of price, and has proven to be one of the most effective and secure ways to accumulate Bitcoin. This allows one to limit bitcoin’s ferocious volatility and remain calm in its savings strategy.
DCA is also useful not only for your wealth, but also for bitcoin. As Hass McCook explains in his book “How the DCA army will raise the price of bitcoin by $ 1 million,” bitcoin wins heavily if enough people perform an automated DCA, thus carelessly consuming the overall supply of bitcoin.
If you have DCA in a long enough timeframe, you can have a huge benefit, especially after it’s halved, resulting in a new bitcoin delivery every four years. Historically, the price of bitcoin has always risen rapidly, setting a new record every year after it has been cut in half so far.

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The bull run in 2017 brought bitcoin into the mainstream, with many receiving hype. Let’s rotate the numbers and see where you are if you started trading bitcoins.
Daily purchase 10 August 12 if you have started buying $ 2017 daily in bitcoins every day since 2017, you are investing a total of $ 14,610 at the time of writing. This money saved in bitcoins will cost about 84 506 BTC for a total of $ 1.82. This total yield is 478.41%.
If we got the same money now, instead invest in what many see as a Bitcoin rival: gold?
If you had invested the same money in gold instead of bitcoin, today you would have totaled 17 to 177 dollars. Total earnings were just 17.57%. This makes the comparison really pathetic and should make you think that if you held gold on bitcoin during that time, you lost 460.84%. Gold all out of water

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