President Bukele Guarantees Zero Commissions, Shows Confidence In Bitcoin Law

President Bukele used a storm of tweets to respond to the opposition’s claims and announce some key aspects of the bitcoin legislation strategy. 7, the experiment with bitcoins in el Salvador goes into full effect. It’s a good time for a presidential renewal, and we have that and other things. President Bukele went to familiar territory, confirmed several facts, also showed new maps and shared new information.

Conference on the subject / news from El Salvador, early July: Bukele, El Zonte and ATM factory

What exactly did President Bukele write to fire FUD? For example, on September 7, 200 ATMs and 50 ATMs will be open to the public. Besides all this, chivo wallet does not charge any fees for all transactions. Read on for details and further clarification.

What Did The President Say To The Bukele Opposition?
As well as criticism of the bitcoin law from the Foreign Press (example 1 – Example 2) there were internal attacks. To push his opposition to the Bitcoin scare, Bukele said they could only do so by September 7. As soon as the law goes into effect, people will see the benefits of the law and the opposition will be denied and they will lose twice.”

Let’s go back to the negocian dispute over friend and jealousy in manejarlo de Ahi, recibir dinero de familiares, and the commission recibir remesas sin pagar un tan solo centavo de Nadi, with aseptar Pagos ‘ participation in # bitcoin about en DOLLARES.

Si quieren, si no, don’t say anything, you have nada.

– Nayib Bukele 23 (@nayibbukele), August 23, 2021

Then he explained it again:

Downloading the Chivo wallet is optional. If they do, they will receive $ 30 in BTC as a bonus. If they don’t, then there’s no problem.
They will be able to receive or receive payments in BTC and dollars with the app. Fee.
El Salvadorans Abroad will be able to send transfers in BTC or dollars without paying any compensation to their families.
People can immediately exchange all the BTCS they receive for dollars. Then they can put it in that wallet.

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