Practical Ichimoku Cloud, Channels, Time Loops and Neo Wave:

The Ichimoku Cloud, Channels, Time Cycles, and Neo wave are powerful predictive methods and must-have tools for every trader. The research below demonstrates the application of these methods published in the daily morning research "The Financial Waves Short Term Update" before the market opens. Useful Daily Chart: Wave Analysis: The following was published before the markets opened on the morning of April 8th. towards the epidemic. 14880 on top and 14580 on bottom, range for now "BANG ON! Nifty moved exactly as expected and reached an intraday high of 14879.80, which we call resistance. From there, the index dropped its gains and fell again before finally closing at 14.819. Days Time Cycle – Daily. As shown in the chart, there seems to be a divergence between the bulls and the bears that keeps the index in the range for the time The time cycle is scheduled for April 9, and this cycle has reached major lows in most cases except for March autumn. Prices are also close to the daily Ichimoku Cloud support and will be refunded from there. This, coupled with time cycles, indicates that there may be a positive breakout, but again, we need confirmation above ……… levels. In the short term, the movement on range has continued and Bollinger Do not predict the direction of the break unless a one-hour close is seen above or below their bands supplement is best. The smart trader understands the indicators but knows that price action is the key to the plunge. Basically, Nifty is making or breaking the crossroads. … When the cycle of days ended, we saw a time correction for many weeks. Now let's see if prices are starting to show a depth pattern here and make a breakthrough. Read more

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