Post-pandemic sport. A boost for Israeli ‘Sports-tech’

By Jonathan Beltrán Zamorategui, Director of Business Development of the Israel Commercial Office in Mexico
It is not a mystery that the health crisis has shaped and fundamentally changed the lives of millions of people around the world. In addition to its direct impact on health systems, the coronavirus epidemic directly affects various areas. From economic and financial consequences, through social, cultural and political changes, to environmental repercussions.
All these changes, although not caused by the virus per se , have occurred as a result of the social isolation that we have experienced in recent months.
However, the sports industry continues to grow at a remarkable rate. Professional sports are expanding their global reach and interacting with fans in all parts of the world, and more and more people are participating in a variety of amateur sports activities. More than ever, sports are connecting different people around the world in a way that nothing else is capable of. More and more stakeholders in the sports industry are driving this growth and creating a broad ecosystem: from federations, leagues, teams and clubs, through the media and various sponsors and partners to manufacturers of apparel and electronics. .
To know more: The 5 types of startups that can be made related to cannabis It is also important to mention that, with this digital transformation in the post-covid era , leagues, federations and clubs need to reinvent themselves. The multibillion-dollar sports industry is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years, as this digital revolution transforms the way sports are seen and experienced, from a massive and general approach, towards a personalized and engaging framing that will change the way in which we watch, play and enjoy sports, on and off line.
By looking at these global trends, we identified the booming Israeli sports technology ecosystem as a leading source of innovation for leading sports organizations in nearly every segment of sports technology, playing a significant role in shaping the industry globally. . Israeli start-ups are taking advantage of the “Start-up Nation” strong high-tech expertise and applying it to the world of sports. The growth and initial success of the Israeli sports technology ecosystem did not go unnoticed, as investors and major companies and organizations, both local and global, are becoming deeply involved in the Israeli sports technology ecosystem.
There is an ecosystem of more than 200 Israeli Sports-Tech companies (which is a very high number for a country of just 20,000km 2 ), which are characterized by the quality and level of innovation of their solutions. In this Israeli Sports-tech universe, there are six key trends that are currently revolutionizing the sports industry:

eSports: It specializes in creating video games and / or applications for a specific brand / Image:
Data analysis: It is a set of sports analysis systems that provides automated videos originally created for court sports and is capable of recording the activity and movement of an athlete during an entire match or training session.
Media and Broadcasting: Wireless and Video Technologies for Broadcasting Professionals and Production Teams. The company’s wireless transmission solutions are designed for coverage of outdoor sports news, reality shows and other live events. Innovative technology enables robust and reliable wireless video transmission to be provided while ensuring a continuous and stable streaming session.
Performance enhancement: These types of technologies focus on high-speed decision making, training athletes to see more clearly, think faster, and respond faster using advanced technology. The training process begins with a laboratory evaluation, continues through a comparison with a sport-specific database, and then a training program is generated in the field to improve the necessary skills.
Smart stadiums: This type of solution offers clubs and / or leagues the ability to develop a direct relationship with stadium attendees, increasing engagement, loyalty and sales through infrastructure technologies, personalization, touchless processes, etc. . In other words, smart stadiums are those venues where technology, sports and entertainment converge.
To know more: The energy transition as a fight for climate change Fan Engagement: They are sports marketing solutions for the participation of fans and clubs / leagues. It is the creation of tools to collect user-generated content on social media platforms or create your own content through automated methods. These tools collect the content that is generated, to later promote the brand.
It also builds the user profile of the club’s followers and recommends actions necessary to generate greater engagement .
eSports: It specializes in creating video games and / or applications for a specific brand. The forms of competition and content generated by video game users are also reinvented through the creation of innovative video games and applications.
It is by far the best time to generate links with companies specializing in previously mentioned solutions, by leagues and clubs of any sport. It is therefore necessary to deepen and find “Sports-tech” solutions for those who want to stay current in this industry so hit by the health crisis, and Israel can undoubtedly be a great ally for this.


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