Popular LifeStyle Playboy Magazine Hosts Virtual Art Gallery for First NFT Collection

Popular lifestyle magazine Playboy is entering the crypto ecosystem and the hugely popular NFT market. Joining forces with the blockchain-powered Nifty Gateway auction center, Playboy has launched its first NFT digital art collection. From today on May 4th, Playboy is hosting a virtual art gallery showcasing NFT work. All these Playboy NFTs will feature on the Decentraland metaverse. The Playboy Virtual Art Gallery will feature a series of NFTs created by digital collage artist Slimesunday, along with Playboy's editorial curators "Liquid Summer". Each of these NFT digital arts reflect Playboy's provocative entertainment legacy. Slimesunday said of his work on the Hyperbeat publication: “My process has always been to scan images from magazines, so I really got into a full circle when Playboy offered full access to their archives. Working with editor-in-chief Liz Suman and the entire Playboy team gave me a deeper understanding of the whole story behind each image than I normally would. Hosting Virtual NFTs Away From The Center As mentioned, Playboy will host Virtual Art Gallery and Digital Art NFTs in Decentralized and Metaverse. Decentraland's Dave Carr said Playboy's decision was well suited to his creative advantage. to innovate and push boundaries, ”added Carr. After accessing Decentraland's fully customized Crypto Valley virtual gallery, Hyperbeast tells the first images. At the entrance, there is a floor-to-ceiling signboard bearing the collection's name. Adjacent rooms welcome newcomers, where "every large-scale virtual room is shown on gray walls". When visiting the entire art collection, a co-branded bar will offer users virtual drinks. The venue will also feature live events such as DJs and parties. Playboy director Liz Suman told Hyperbeast: "We wanted to make a splash with Playboy's first NFT collection –

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