Polkadot-Vitalik’s nightmare or a real dream about blockchain?

While it is almost possible to make a comparison between the two blockchain development platforms, it is almost inevitable that Ethereum will be compared with Polkadot Dec. Not only at the technical level – they use a similar architecture and consensus-affirming ratio to achieve scalability-but also Vitalik Buterin and Dr. Gavin Wood also has a common history at Ethereum.

Polkadot and Ethereum enter final phase of road to chain supremacy
Next year will be a big year for both networks. Ethereum is carrying out a series of improvements ahead of the “merger,” which will occur when Ethereum’s current parent chain joins the sign chain with bid approval. At this stage, Ethereum will ultimately reject its consensus on approving the business and move entirely to rate proof. Further updates October are expected to follow, as the network will implement additional chains or segments connected to the sign chain to increase scalability.

While the timing is somewhat uncertain, it seems likely that Polkadot will reach its next significant milestone before the ethereum merger. “Parachute Auctions” is the process of awarding the first shard slots in Polkadot, a move that Kusama, Polkadot’s experimental “Canary network,” recently achieved.

Assuming Polkadot will only last a few months, we can expect the network to be fully functional and support a range of use cases by the end of this year.

Story in the pot
For their part, the two founders have always tried to stress that they are not competing with each other. But there’s a lot of water under the bridge between Buterin and Wood.Dec. Both couples are core members of the team that co-founded Ethereum, Dr. Together with Gavin Wood he invented the programming language Solidity and founded Parity Technologies, which has always been an important technology engine of Ethereum. Wood also founded the Web3 Foundation, which supports the development of Polkadot.

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