Police set new UK record for seizing cryptocurrency worth £ 180m

Britain’s Metropolitan Police has seized £ 180m in cryptocurrency as part of a money laundering investigation. The announcement comes just weeks after Scotland Yard confiscated £ 114m in the cryptocurrency, breaking the previous record.

UK police find £ 180m in cryptocurrencies linked to criminal transfers
UK law enforcement has announced it has confiscated a record number of cryptocurrencies during an ongoing investigation into international money laundering. Detectives said they had seized a cryptocurrency worth about 180 million pounds (about $ 250 million) without further information on the type of coins and how they were seized.

Thursday June 24 exceeds the £ 114m seizure made by the Met,” the British Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) said in a press release posted on its website on Tuesday morning.

Both arrests were made by employees of Parliament’s office for Economic Crime, Scotland Yard said. Investigators responded to intelligence received from British police relating to the transfer of Criminal Assets.

“Less than a month ago, we successfully seized £ 114m in cryptocurrency. Our investigation has been complex and extensive since then,” commented Detective constable Joe Ryan, stressing that his colleagues had been working hard to trace the money and that the crime may have been identity-related. He said forward:

Today’s retraction is another major milestone in this investigation, which will continue for months as we take a closer look at what is at the centre of this alleged money laundering operation.

As part of the June 24 investigation, police officers arrested a 39-year-old woman on suspicion of money laundering offences. Saturday July July 10 he was interviewed about the discovery of a £ 180m crypto cache and has since been released on bail until an undisclosed date at the end of July.

Scotland Yard

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