PlayStation Mobile Games May Be on the Way, Says Jim Ryan

Apparently, according to Jim Ryan, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s President and CEO, we may well be seeing mobile as the next platform for PlayStation gaming.

PlayStation May Make the Move to Mobile

Before you start frantically listing your PS5 on eBay, don’t worry. Sony isn’t ditching its existing hardware. Instead, it is seeking to make a move into mobile gaming, considering that this is such a valuable platform via which to proffer your (soft)wares.

This makes sense, as Sony recently advertised for a Head of Mobile at PlayStation Studios. Now we have more confirmation that PlayStation mobile gaming might be on the way.

During Sony’s most recent corporate strategy meeting (which you can access a text version of via the Investor Relations library) Jim Ryan said:

Mobile is just one of the areas we are exploring to reach millions of gamers beyond our platforms. PlayStation has a huge catalog of diverse first-party IP that can transition to smartphone gaming and complement our AAA games or live service games. We are exploring the mobile market with some wonderful PlayStation franchises so please stay tuned.

Sounds interesting; does this mean we may see first-party PSP, Vita, and PS1 games coming to mobile? That would be a real boon for Sony and PlayStation if this was the case, especially when we consider that Sony recently closed the digital stores for the PSP and Vita.

When Will We Get PlayStation Mobile?

That, we don’t know. As the quote above states, Sony is currently exploring the market, it doesn’t yet have any concrete plans to release a swathe of PlayStation Mobile games in the next month, that we know of.

However, this is encouraging news. As Ryan states, Sony has a wealth of first-party IP it can draw upon, so we could well see some classics returning to our screens that have formerly only been playable if you own one of the older consoles or you use gray-area ROMs and an emulator.

Anyone up for a game of Destruction Derby?!

Have We Seen Mobile PlayStation Gaming Before?

Actually, we have. And it was even called PlayStation Mobile.

Back in 2012, Sony launched the first version of PlayStation Mobile. Initially, it was available via the Xperia Play, a handset Sony released which featured a sliding screen. You could move this screen to reveal a full set of PlayStation controls (the direction buttons and action buttons, plus Start and Select).

Sony then created the PlayStation Certified initiative, which incorporated other approved devices into the PS Mobile eco-system. Among these were the PS Vita, several Xperia handsets, and (oddly) the HTC 1.

Sony subsequently shelved the first iteration of PS Mobile in 2015 and left it to fester. Until now, that is.

Would You Like to Play Mobile PlayStation Games?

You have to admit, it all sounds pretty cool. However, now that we have Remote Play on mobile devices, do we really need PlayStation Mobile too?

Well, as mentioned, this might give us access to older titles that are currently only available as ROMs or their hard-to-find physical counterparts. This could be an excellent exercise in game preservation if Sony does it right, and we all know how important preserving legacy titles is.


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