PhoenixDAO shows why free events are annoying and important

While everyone prefers paid events for obvious monetary benefits, free events are largely underestimated. Free events can provide a variety of benefits for both exhibitors and organizers. They can be a great way to market a business or products and bring like-minded people together to get the free flow of creative ideas. In the crypto world where cryptocurrency adoption is slowly gaining momentum, free events can be an excellent way to stimulate the industry. New platforms can take advantage of these events by gaining more subscribers and announcing the company's name. However, it is vital to have a solid platform that can create and manage events without breaking the bank. PhoenixDAO is a blockchain powered events marketplace that offers an easy way to create and manage a free or paid event. The company can help organizers easily create new events and publish them to gain interest in the market quickly and effectively. Free events are sometimes considered a waste of resources. On the contrary, they can be very destructive and controversially necessary, especially when starting a new platform. Here are a few reasons why free events are so important. Free Brand Recognition events can be a great way to create brand hype and educate audiences about services and products. Generally speaking, people love to talk about the free event they pack and they provide free brand promotion to organizers. Connect with your target audience Engaging with your audience at the event is a great way to increase brand awareness and understanding. People usually don't respond to promotional emails, but they will definitely look for an exciting free event. Build Trust By hosting free events, businesses can show their communities that they are the "real deal" and want to put effort and resources into helping people in their communities. The size of the event is not important as long as the company communicates and connects with its audience in a personal way.

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