Phemex Launches OTC Trading, Enables Buying Crypto With Wire Transfer Transfers

Phemex, the fastest growing crypto exchange and futures platform, has jointly introduced its OTC trading service with Legend Trading, a Silicon Valley-based regulatory OTC trading service. With this new addition, Phemex users can now securely buy and sell cryptocurrencies via USD bank transfer and other options including supported credit cards and payment gateways. Listening to the Needs of the Crypto Community As a user-friendly crypto trading platform, Phemex is always open to the needs and demands of the crypto community. The latest practice to expand its offering with OTC trading is the result of such commitment. The platform received several community requests to include OTC trading and encouraged Phemex to partner with a licensed Money Services Business (MSB) to provide a safe and convenient solution. Now users can start enjoying the OTC trading feature by following a few simple steps. All they have to do is log into their Phemex account, choose OTC trading under the "Buy Crypto" option and provide personal information to meet their KYC requirements. Once the information provided is reviewed and approved, Legend Trading will approve the account and then users will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrency in just two steps. While two different organizations are involved in Phemex to provide OTC trading services, the whole process has been streamlined to provide a seamless trading experience. A step-by-step guide for using the OTC trading feature is available on the Phemex website. OTC Trading Takes Phemex to the Top The OTC trading service offered by Phemex allows users to make fast and high-volume crypto trades at good rates. At Phemex OTC Trading, the minimum order amount is only $ 500, making it accessible to both casual and professional traders. Phemex is a FinCEN regulated organization combined with the newly launched OTC trading service, making it one of the few platforms that can be tailored. Read more

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