Peter Schiff calls” crazy ” thief het proberen om de Pompey Bitcoin from MicroStrategy

Peter Schiff, chief executive of Euro Pacific Capital, a renowned gold enthusiast, has spoken out on Twitter against the view of MicroStrategy Chief Executive Michael Sailor. Schiff mocks Saylor recently in his remarks about keeping BTC “forever.”

Peter Schiff calls Saylor “crazy” and claims that BTC has no value, so even if Saylor takes him to the grave, he will not get him anything in the afterlife.

Now @ michael_saylor has finally gone mad. The last # bitcoin pump is that it’s an asset you can take with you after your death. He may be with Bitcoin in his grave, but I doubt he can buy anything in heaven or, in Saylor’s case, perhaps hell.

– Peter Schiff (@PeterSchiff) July 30, 2021

The battle on Twitter continued with a response from Michael sailor to Schiff advising him to sell his gold instead of building a tomb for himself and his traditional estates. He also added an article describing grave robberies in Ancient Egypt.

“Moreover, Saylor supported bitcoin’s life and flexibility as a currency, saying,” you can take Bitcoin anywhere in time and space. This is the future of property and property rights.”

Traditional wealth preservation strategies leave much to be desired. Do not bother to sell gold and build a pyramid. It’s time to try something new. You can make # Bitcoin anywhere in time and space. This is the future of property and property rights. https: / / / 5SOwDl4Dl6

– Michael Sailor (@michael_saylor) July 31, 2021

MicroStrategy investment plans revolve around BTC
MicroStrategy’s 10-year plan includes more BTC as its CEO says Bitcoin is a” digital ownership network” that will soon be used by the billions of people who own that digital property. His MicroStrategy plans to get ahead of time and the masses by accumulating as many BTC as possible.

Saylor confirmed business strategies around bitcoin and would have continued to buy more if there had been a limited offer of $ 21 million.


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