Peña then says over-leveraged traders could crash the market

Dan Peña, the millionaire businessman behind the quantum leap advantage (qla) method, says crypto investors, especially young people, “lack historical context,” using too much leverage aside from poor risk assessment.  

According to an article in Business Insider this morning, dan Peña breaks four risks of a total market crash. He describes these risks as margin debt at an all-time high, an overvalued market, an interest rate at an all-time low and “a lack of attention from the average investor.” 

Peña believes these four risks can be combined to create the perfect storm for a big Sunday dive. He personally bet on this market crash over the past few months. 

Known as the” trillion dollar man, ” peña is the founder of the qla method, which is said to have”generated more than a trillion dollars in stock/value since 1993.” 

He has recently had problems with retail investors, and especially millennials, who say he lacks a deep understanding of market models and prefers to ignore the historical outlook. This sees investors believe today’s bull market is “normal.” 


Peña has a distinctive style. His lack of political correctness and rash speaking style earned him some popularity on social platforms such as TikTok. Peña explains his success through his exposure to many recessions, which helped him gain experience. 

“as the technicians told me, and I’m not a technician, there’s still no algorithm for 50 years of experience. And I walked around the block. I’ve done business on six to seven continents,; 

Peña’s point is that margin debt is at an all-time high and has been at two previous major disasters the bubble and the 2008 financial crisis. An October problem this time, he says, is that the debt level is almost double previous record levels. 

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