Paypal Hiring Over 100 Crypto Positions as Global Cryptocurrency Adoption Rises

Payment giant Paypal is hiring more than 100 cryptocurrency-related positions as demand for cryptocurrencies grows. “We are still very pleased with the dynamics we are seeing in crypto and are adding October features to that,” Paypal’s CEO recently announced the company’s expansion plans.”

PayPal crypto-related jobs

Paypal is hiring more than 100 crypto-related positions as the company prepares to expand its crypto services. At the time of writing, there were at least 102 lists of jobs related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, according to job listings on the company’s website.
While most of the jobs are in the US, there are five jobs in Tel Aviv, six in Israel, six in Ireland, one in Singapore, one in Hong Kong and five in Guatemala, for Paypal’s Online Money Transfer service Xoom.
In the US, there are 22 jobs in California, 16 in New York, 13 in Texas, 9 in Arizona and 8 in Illinois. Several other states have placed fewer than five jobs in each.
Positions computer, engineering managers, program managers, strategic managers and BLOCKCHAIN-AML analysts, administrators, researchers, operational managers, research experts crypto crypto crypto tax reporting with managers, and extends from the legal director of Krypto.
Paypal CEO dan Shulman spoke during the company’s earnings report last week about a range of ways the payments giant could expand its crypto services, including the “super app” launch, Open Banking Integration, UK expansion and Third-Division wallet transfers.
CEO said:

We are still very happy with the dynamics we see in cryptography and we are adding October features to that.

The company said its crypto service showed “really excellent results” in the first quarter.”In April, Shulman said that demand for cryptocurrencies on the Paypal platform was “repeatedly” above initial expectations.
Paypal recently raised its weekly cryptocurrency purchase limit

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