PayPal CEO warns that Bitcoin could be used by China against the US

Peter Thiel is the CEO of PayPal and recently issued a very unique warning to the world as a whole. Thiel thinks China could use Bitcoin to undermine the strength of the US dollar, but warned that this would also apply to other major fiat currencies. BTC threatens USD The Richard Nixon Foundation hosted a virtual event where Thiel announced that Bitcoin could be used by China as a non-traditional weapon of war against the United States. This is because of how the asset can be used by the country to destabilize the hegemonic power of the USD. Thiel said he is a pro-Bitcoin, pro-crypto man. Still, he predicts whether Bitcoin can be used for the purposes outlined above. Thiel: A threat to the euro Thiel, in demonstrating his purpose, highlighted the threat posed by Bitcoin and crypto in general to the concept of fiat currencies. The United States, one of the most dominant fiat currencies in the world, is particularly threatened by this concept. As a result, Thiel urged US strategists to take Bitcoin-related developments much more seriously while examining the international geopolitical landscape of the world as a whole. As you can imagine, Bitcoin hodlers are often not well received against someone who declares their favorite cryptocurrency a weapon of financial warfare for the CCP. However, Thiel decided to double the offense by claiming that the euro was also a possible Chinese financial weapon. Some Very Original Findings While explaining such a statement, which is actually quite expressive, he explained that China does not want only the USD to be the dominant currency in the world. This gives the nation impressive power in large industries and supply chains such as oil. According to Thiel, China won't want its own currency to replace it either, so it's considering users. Read more

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