Partnership With Oklo For Mining Bitcoins Based On Compass Division

Bitcoin mining company Compass Mining has partnered with advanced nuclear division Company Oklo to mine bitcoin with nuclear power.
Compass Mining, a provider of equipment and hosting for bitcoin mining, has entered into a 20-year partnership with advanced nuclear division Company Oklo for bitcoin mining using nuclear power, a press release said.
“Oklo’s advanced nuclear power plants will provide a clean, reliable and affordable base power for Bitcoin compass mining machines from the beginning of 2020-ies,” he said.Jul. “Oklo aims to provide at least 150 [megawatt] MW of Clean Energy in the first phase of this partnership, helping to ensure the sustainability of bitcoin mining practices Jul.”
October also noted that oklo power plants that convert nuclear waste into” clean ” energy are scalable and may add additional capacity to increase Compass Juliette’s mining capacity in the future. And it is also possible that such a project would encourage more use of nuclear energy in the future.
Jacob Dewitt, CEO of Oklo,”crypto currency mining is a promising way to accelerate the adoption of clean energy technologies, and oklo end-users that they can trust for clean, reliable and cost-effective by offering the convenience of purchasing energy is ready to meet the commercial demands,” he said.
The announcement was made at a time when bitcoin’s energy consumption, and its coal base in much of China in particular, is being overseen by critics concerned about the environment. Much of this criticism appears to be misinformed, as some estimates suggest that the bitcoin network emits less than 5% of the carbon emissions in the former financial sector. But this appears to have led to numerous bitcoin mining projects using renewable energy sources, including Compass.
A larger exodus of bitcoin miners from China under regulatory control would likely further increase the share of bitcoin mining using clean energy.Julianne Feinstein Compass mining recently wrote about its own growth research

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