PARSIQ is a universal middleware, lijm tussen en Dec echte wereld blockchain

Finding an middleware provider that can meet the needs of the real world and the innovative technology world can be decidedly difficult. Finding the right balance between these two episodes is decidedly harder than people think. However, the parsiq team has successfully pursued this line and continues to expand the boundaries of innovation.

Parsic’s story so far
As a blockchain company founded in 2018, it lasted until 2019, when the first free beta version of parsiq became available. Building an idea on paper and turning it into a viable technology in the real world is often a challenge. Development for this team has allowed them to run their tokens in 2019, with a full commercial release expected to follow in May 2020. So far, this has been an intriguing journey, and a team of professional blockchain engineers have successfully decoupled a bridge between this innovative technology and the real world.

By default, the blockchain’s central applications, devices, legacy systems, etc.It does not have the ability to interact with. Therefore, focusing on successful middleware vendors to decouple this gap is one of the most important tasks to overcome. Also, the solution should be publicly available, regardless of the programming experience. The result is parsiq, a system that does not need nodes or server infrastructure, without the need for development funding resources. Unlike many other blockchain infrastructure suppliers, it has the right large-scale solutions for real impact on the world. 

With its versatile approach, PARSIQ has gained momentum in the Web 3.0 area and the existing Web 2.0 infrastructure. Many companies are experimenting with blockchain technology, but are still trying to integrate it with their existing systems. This middleware appears on the screen as it deconstructs the blockchain with any standalone solution on the market. 

Since its inception, the team has grown and attracted new talent. Parsiq Advisory Board welcomed Axia8 Ventures CEO Wayne Lin a few weeks ago

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