PARSIQ IQ protocol to support Defi projects, developers and users

The new parsiq borrowing and loan IQ protocol, launched on the network last month, is the first risk-free and unsecured solution in the Defi industry.

Innovative protocol that makes decentralized subscriptions a reality
The parsiq ecosystem has grown significantly since its inception in 2018. Blockchain monitoring and analysis platform, network, connects in real time and offline applications, end-users are regular reports on the process, and monitor and maintain him all Defi applications, automation makes it one of the preferred ecosystems to create and configure event triggers.

Compatible with Solana, Polkadot, Ethereum, Binance smart chain, Aave, Algorithand and a number of other blockchains, PARSIQ launched the IQ protocol on the main network after successfully running a test network on Ethereum. The IQ protocol is a credit protocol that provides the first risk-free and unsecured solution for the decentralized financing ecosystem (Defi). As a separate product, the IQ protocol works in conjunction with other parsiq subscription services.

A few months before the launch of testnet, to continue innovation and empowerment, PARSIQ hailed Evan Chang as an investor and consultant. Evan’s knowledge and experience in leading projects such as Chainlink, Zilliqa and Facebook helped parsiq develop its range of products and features. The foundation under the supervision Inn and Axia8 Ventures, parsiq very promising, the protocol will be increased the IQ of a $ 3 million to be released in days, coinunited investors, including the most famous of the underlying network, Elevate Ventures, Krypital Group, Mindworks, VC, Sanctum Ventures, De, Switzerland and many other.

Benefiting service providers and consumers
As a decentralized, open-source protocol, the IQ protocol offers a wide range of customization options in terms of tokenization models for unique services and features. This allows developers to tag existing assets that help them achieve decentralized subscriptions, a new business model within cry

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