Paraguay bookmaker declares “Mega surprise” in bitcoin bill presented during volgende week

A member of Paraguay’s House of Commons is promising a” Mega surprise ” on the eve of the presentation of the bitcoin bill, which is addressed to MPs next week.

Carlitos rehala informed his 59,000 Twitter followers that they can expect a big announcement about bitcoins for Paraguay and the rest of the world in the coming days.

“I am here to unite Paraguay. That’s why we decided to introduce a bill [Bitcoin] on Wednesday, July 14, together with Senator [Fernando Silva Facetti]! Stay tuned, because a mega surprise awaits you for Paraguay and the world. Something big is coming.”

Regala teamed up with Paraguayan Senator Fernando Silva Faketti to introduce a bill that would make the country “a hub for crypto investors around the world and then be at the forefront of digital technology.”

While details of the bill are still unknown, Senator Faketti hinted at the bill’s goals on Twitter, saying Paraguay needs to start adapting to the world of digital investment.

“We are working on a legislative proposal that has real impact, tailored to national realities, takes into account surveillance and control needs, guarantees investment and protects consumer rights. Something healthy, healthy and manageable… 

Paraguay needs to adapt to the new digital world and strengthen itself as an Energy Transformation Center for digital investment.”

Last month, Regala turned heads when she added laser eyes to her Twitter profile photo, a common sign of the upward trend on social media. At the time, Riyala said he was working on something bigger, hinting that PayPal would somehow participate.

“As I said a long time ago, our country must go hand in hand with the next generation. The moment has come, the moment has come. This week, we begin with an important innovation project in Paraguay for the whole world! Aya is real! BTC, PayPal””

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