Panther protocol verkt samen meets Vegasvap

It works with Vegaswap, the Panther protocol, privacy protocol, automated marketer (SMM) protocol with multiple chain support.

Vegaswap is a user-oriented automated marketer that uses multi-chain technology and offers users a wide range of Defi applications and chains on its platform. Customizable liquidity pools (LPs) support and enable seamless profits from tokens with dynamic pricing and intuitive user interface. Vegaswap makes the work of LP validators efficient and profitable by creating opportunities for unique smart pools, providing analytics, and reducing time loss with adaptive propagation.

“Vegaswap addresses the possibility of asset trading of various blockchains in DeX. Sundays Dec.provides a global Defi market to support transactions between chains. This is a necessary development in Defi space”, –
Says Oliver Gail, CEO and co-founder of the Panther protocol.

“The Defi ecosystem ($71 million) offers transaction auditing capabilities, but is limited when it comes to protecting user privacy-Defi cannot survive without privacy-Privacy makes privacy privacy. Integration and partnership with Vegaswap, attributes and other areas of technology, and using vegaswap as a privacy miner, will modify the data to mask the sensitive information of all its users.”
The Panther protocol is an end-to-end Privacy Protocol for Defi. Panther provides Defi users with fully secure, privacy-enhancing digital assets with crypto-economic incentives and zksnarks technology. Users can use zassets Mint, which has zero levels of knowledge, by placing each blockchain’s digital assets in Panther repositories. zAssets will be an ever-growing asset class for users who want their transactions and strategies to always be as they should be: private.

Vegaswap CEO Ben Cortez says:

“We want to work with Panther to ensure privacy in our SMP Sunday. We have great ambitions and accept that confidentiality is necessary

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