Panther Protocol Closes $8M To Fix DeFi's Privacy Issues Once and For All

Privacy challenges are one of the biggest hurdles for crypto traders, retail and institutional investors looking to join the decentralized financial world. In a 2020 survey by Deloitte, 53% of respondents rank privacy as their top concern when using cryptocurrencies. Regulatory challenges are also a major barrier to digital asset adoption, with 56% of respondents saying this is a cause for concern. Deloitte research shows that tackling privacy and regulatory challenges can be a game-changer for the entire crypto space, including DeFi. So any solution that addresses privacy and compliance challenges could change the DeFi space forever. This is exactly what the Panther Protocol intends to do. An end-to-end privacy solution, Panther Protocol allows DeFi traders and investors to decide how private they want their transactions to be. With the Panther Protocol, users do not have to choose between privacy and compliance. In fact, one of the privacy-intensive features of the Panther protocol is zero-knowledge disclosures, and any transactions with zero-knowledge disclosure will prove compliance without sharing underlying data. Panther Protocol today announced the completion of its $8 million private round, which includes 140 investors including Insignious Capital, MarketAcross, Arcanum Capital, Master Ventures, DeepVentures, Rarestone Capital, Titans Ventures, Moonwhale, Protocol Ventures, Kosmos VC, Ellipti, A195 Capital. GenBlock Capital, Black Dragon, AU21, Nextgen, Defiants, BaseTwo, Skynet and more. Challenges Many DeFi users are concerned that they can be controlled by DeFi protocols. Now, their concerns are not unfounded, given the immutable and transparent nature of the blockchain. The Panther Protocol aims to alleviate the fears they have when trading. CBDC pioneer Oliver Gale and Zero-knowledge Proof technologist Dr. It uses the Panther Protocol, founded by Anish Mohammed

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