PandaCash: Low Risk – No Loss in DeFi High Prize Lottery

Decentralized Finance, or DeFi for short – the blockchain-focused revolution in fintech continues to make headlines. As platforms offering decentralized credit, insurance and other financial products continue to grow, applications of such technologies in other industries are an exciting proposition. Taking advantage of this opportunity is PandaCash, a lossless lottery system based on Binance Smart Chain that uses RFI token mechanics to encourage community hodling of the native $PANDA token. In return, it offers exciting returns and rewards that are much higher than traditional DeFi instruments. Lossless lottery is not new, as the concept has been in traditional finance for quite some time. Also known as prize-linked savings accounts in banking jargon, these accounts direct a percentage of the interest that would otherwise be paid on deposits into a prize pool that funds the lottery payout to select winners. PandaCash implements a similar concept, but in a more rewarding way, as the chances of winning the lottery are in addition to the static rewards from trading volumes and are often much higher than returns from traditional DeFi-farming or stockpiling processes. How does PandaCash work? PandaCash is a DeFi project with a lossless lottery mechanism that allows winnings to be distributed to $PANDA holders as and when they are created. Created by a team of developers and crypto enthusiasts, PandaCash allows token holders to earn rewards for doing nothing. Yes true. All they have to do is keep at least $20 in $PANDA and they will continue to earn a share of the transaction fees collected over the network. The periodic draw is an added bonus where a lucky member of the community wins the top prize: the Tesla Model X car. The incentive mechanism in PandaCash is supported by the network fee structure. Within the scope of the project, a 10% redistribution fee on liquidity was established.

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    InterTrader 0.6pips (fixed) margin: 3.33%
    OANDA 1.3pips (variable) margin: 3.33%
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