P2P-Swap button Kirobo offers direct coin swaps without slipping on kriptorynke

PRESS RELEASE. Tel Aviv, July 27, 2021-blockchain technology company Kirobo has launched P2P swap, a decentralized tool for cryptocurrency users, no token exchange and no exchange or deposit for use by third parties.

Without exchanging, the tool allows users to independently set the prices of their tokens and trade directly with their peers. This eliminates slippage completely.

Asaf Naim, co-founder and chief executive of Kirobo, said: “as exchange algorithms adjust coin prices to the amounts offered for sale, so far there has been no way to make a swap without losing money. For the first time we allow people to trade unchanged and set their own prices with complete confidence.”

The Kirobo secure transfer platform ensures transaction security by using an authentication key whose components are shared between the First party, the smart contract, and the kirobo server.Dec. There is no point of failure and Kirobo never holds user money.

Coin exchange is a key feature of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, allowing people to diversify their portfolios and support new Defi projects. Previously, users had no choice but to exchange or have an over-the-counter batch to avoid the inevitable complications caused by two-way cryptocurrency transfers. However, exchanges will raise and lower prices depending on market demand, ultimately forcing sellers to sell at a “discount.”

The P2P swap button is designed to solve this problem. An extension of the innovative Kirobo cancel button protects the transaction launcher with a password created by that person. The second party must enter the correct access code at the end to perform the transfer. With the P2P Swap button, the second party also needs to sign the transaction, and the transfer itself is done simultaneously with a smart contract.

In other words, two Heat Exchangers must first accept the prize

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